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Men's 100% Cotton Kimono
Calligraphy, geometric designs and Japanese motif in 100% cotton

Mens traditional Kimono CC-01M £60.00
Lucky Kite/Blue
Full Length Kenji Kimono CC-06M £68.00
Full Length Kenji Kimono CC-06M-XL size £80.00
close up of classical Japanese Pyjamas design CC-06M-LD £80.00
Lined in cotton gauze
close up of Evening Mist kimono CC-07M £70.00
Evening Mist/Black
close up of wave pattern on hokusai kimono CC-08M-BK £70.00
Close up detail of mens purple kimono CC-08M-PL £70.00
Mens flying dragon kimono CC-09M £75.00
Flying Dragon/Black
fish koi kimono CC-14M £65.00
Lucky Koi/Black
Satin Kimono CS-07M £90.00
Ancient Dragon/Black
beige mens kimono CS-11M-BG £85.00
Tiger & Dragon Forest/Beige
tiger and dragon kimono CS-11M-BK £85.00
Tiger & Dragon Forest/Black