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Women's Polyester/Print Kimono
Enjoy everyday luxury in sophisticated, easy care polyester satin

Black womans kimono PP-03-BK £75.00
Bird Song/Black
Full length oyster colour kimono PP-03-OY £75.00
Bird Song/Oyster
Bright red ladies kimono PP-03-RD £75.00
Bird Song/Red
Womans black kimono PP-09-BK £75.00
Maiko Dance/Black
Jade green kimono with matching belt PP-09-JD £75.00
Maiko Dance/Jade
Pearl white Kimono full length PP-10 £85.00
Ancient Tale/White
Blue full length womans kimono PP-11-BL £75.00
Crane Melody/Blue
Festival dawn kimono PP-12-BL £75.00
Festival Dawn/Blue
Cherry blossom Kimono RPP-03-BK £65.00
Bird Song/Black
Cherry red womans Kimono RPP-03-RD £65.00
Bird Song/Red
Oyster Short womans Kimono RPP-03-OY £65.00
Bird Song/Oyster
Short Turquoise Kimono RPP-05 £65.00
Crane Flight/Turquoise